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Tag: Packaging

  1. TONY'S TALK - Return of the Enamel Bowl...?

    TONY'S TALK - Return of the Enamel Bowl...?

    When I ‘were a bit of a Lad’ in the 1950’s post-war shortages were commonplace. These particularly affected the packaging of all goods.

    Greaseproof papers and ‘white news’ were especially in short supply and it was the norm for Customers to bring in enamel bowls in which to carry away their meal of Fish, Chips ‘n Mushy Peas. Newspapers and magazines were ‘recycled’ for outer wraps, coarse brown papers and even the blue paper that was used for bags of sugar were brought into service. 5” x 3” pure greaseproof paper bags were much sought after to contain a portion of mushy peas!

  2. 42nd Street - New Packaging and POS

    42nd Street - New Packaging and POS

    Over the past 6-12 months The Q Partnership have worked hard to refresh the famous 42nd Street Frozen Foods Brand, including new logos for each of the products in the range.

    We also commissioned some amazing food photography to help bring you some high quality, FREE point of sale material, which is available upon request.

  3. “It’s all about the Environment…”

    “It’s all about the Environment…”

    You probably wouldn’t be aware that Whitley’s is a member of the Foodservice Packaging Association - a trade organisation of manufacturers and distributors of packaging with application to the food industry. In January the FPA organised an environmental seminar with expert packaging speakers including two food and packaging related professors, an MP, several UK and EU civil servants, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Waitrose and even Extinction Rebellion!

  4. Packaging Options

    Packaging Options

    FOLD IT, BIN IT - Corrugated Fish and Chip Boxes - with an Innovative Difference

    The latest innovation from VA Whitley and the Q Partnership is the design change to the Hook & Fish Single Corrugated Packaging. Created in response to local councils’ complaints of overfilling bins the FOLD IT BIN IT concept offers the ideal solution. The box has been made to fold down in 3 easy steps with clear instructions on the box allowing it fit into bins and taking up less space.

  5. Eco Packaging Alternatives

    Eco Packaging Alternatives

    With increasing pressures regarding environmentally friendly packaging coming thick and fast, we understand the growing demand for these products in your businesses. We have a great range of packaging products that you can, with confidence, serve your Fish and Chips in. Safe in the knowledge that you and your customers are ‘doing your bit’.

  6. Introducing Our Brown Corrugated Fish and Chip Boxes

    Introducing Our Brown Corrugated Fish and Chip Boxes

    INTRODUCING - They’re Recyclable! - They’re Biodegradable! - They’re Compostable! DO YOUR BIT… Whilst giving your Fish & Chips the presentation it deserves!!

    Specifically designed for takeaway or home delivery of Fish & Chips, our range of corrugated packaging is a firm and growing favourite within our trade.

    Now we’ve gone a step further with our Real Food Design Brown Corrugated Boxes. It’s easy to see why with a long list of benefits for you, your shop and more importantly the product you serve. This type of packaging enhances the presentation and transportation of Fish and Chips.


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