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Tag: Tonys Talk

  1. Tony's Talk - We are all facing challenging times!

    Tony's Talk - We are all facing challenging times!

    Every day over the last few months we have been battling hard paddling like hell underwater to send out your deliveries of the products essential to the running of your businesses. We have experienced some unprecedented challenges in logistics, product availability and product inflation. I will try to try to give you some insight as to why some essential products to our businesses are increasing in price so much.

  2. Tony's Talk - The Origins of Chippy Curry

    Tony's Talk - The Origins of Chippy Curry

    In the 1960’s a Mr. Knight, Mr. Wood and Mr. Stern set up a little business in Orchard Street, Salford making pie fillings for local bakers. One seemingly innovative baker asked for a curry sauce filling saying he was going to make chicken curry pies. The Staff at Dinaclass made up a trial 100kg but the baker walked away saying he had decided not to go ahead!

    Left with this 100kg several local chippies were approached and told they could have it ‘at cost’. Two shops took the product and very quickly asked for more despite the fact that the price had to increase to cover production costs.

  3. Tony's Talk - ‘Go Yellow’ ...and support Marie Curie!

    Tony's Talk - ‘Go Yellow’ ...and support Marie Curie!

    SUPPORT Marie Curie by offering something a little different.

    Marrowfat peas are not the easiest crop for Farmers to cultivate. As at best they will only produce around 2 tonnes per acre when other crops can produce over 5 tonnes, Farmers have to be encouraged to take on a pea crop especially as agrochemical restrictions in 2020 will make the task even more difficult.

  4. Tony's Talk... Please don't shoot the Messenger

    For decades our Trade has been well served by a range of trays, cups and boxes made out of expanded polystyrene (EPS). They provide portion-controlled packaging with excellent levels of insulation at a reasonable cost.

    However, prompted by ‘Blue Planet’ and environmental pressures “the powers that be” across Europe have legislated to ban the use of EPS from April 2021 stating that it is ‘bad’ plastic that cannot easily be recycled. They have chosen to ignore the fact that EPS has a tremendous latent thermal capacity that could produce much energy once incinerated (probably because we have insufficient incinerators!).

  5. It's COST IN USE that really matters now!

    It's COST IN USE that really matters now!

    As the costs of running any business today rise inexorably it is more important than ever to consider the actual ‘cost in use’ of any product or ingredient used. As we are all involved in feeding the general public, quality has to be paramount. It is foolish to take short cuts in the food chain. However, large global and national brands will often charge ‘top dollar’ to support their massively expensive marketing campaigns which are designed to persuade us that their products are the best. In truth many ‘Own Label’ or Regional Branded products are manufactured to a similarly high standard yet give far greater value for your money (as shown below). With products such as Gravy and Curry Mixes, it is well worth reading the labels properly and comparing yields per pack. With some other products comparisons may not be so clear cut.

  6. They Say It's All Over...

    They Say It's All Over

    Tonys Talk - They Say It's All Over - But we have great opportunities to show 'em that it isn't... Last April a major market research company stated that Fish ‘n Chips “was in decline” whilst other ‘Quick Service’ food outlets are growing their businesses. According to their survey visits to Fish ‘n Chip shops have decreased by 4.4% since 2009 whereas visits elsewhere have increased by 9.2%! Yet a recent report from the IGD (Institute of Grocery Distribution) states that sales from ‘Food-to-go’ specialists will increase by a staggering 51% over the next five years!! If this is only halfway correct we have a fantastic opportunity to get Fish ‘n Chips back on top in its rightful position.

  7. PEAS 2018... and it all started so well!

    Peas 2018... and it all started so well!

    With ideal planting conditions in April/May 2017 we were looking forward to a good crop of Marrowfats and decent yields in spite of a substantial reduction in acreage over 2016. Temperatures rose substantially in early July and we all thought that we would have an early harvest. Unfortunately, the weather pattern changed and we endured a very long period of one day of sunshine followed by two days of rain!...

  8. Whitley News Issue 126

    Whitley News Issue 126

    Whitley News Issue 126 Launches our NEW Website!! As well as features on our Drippings, Rice Cones, Smart Batter Flour, National Fish and Chip Day 2018, A Tribute to Briar Wilkinson and a Farewell to George Stavrou. Our Double Page Drinks Special brings you plenty of great Special Offers on a range of Drinks!


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