How to Make Top Batter ...

Top Tips for Top Quality ...

V.A.Whitley & Co has drawn on over 75 years experience to put together a guide to help you make a consistently great batter.

Storage and Mixing …

- Always store your batter flour or mix in a cool dry place.

- Add the flour to the requisite amount of water (not the other way round!) and mix to a thin cream-like consistency.

- Do not leave your batter on the range or near heat except when in use.

- Always mix a fresh batch of batter before each opening.

- When mixing, always make sure that the water is really cold in hot weather, and tepid in very cold weather.

Coating and Frying …

- Ensure that your fish portions are drained of excess water content prior to battering.

- Remove any air bubbles that have been created during mixing, by stroking and standing, being especially careful if using frozen fish.

- Always fry at the correct temperature. A good guide is between 185-196°C.

- Place the cooked fish vertically on its end in the fish warmer. This way rising steam will only attack the batter seal at the end where it is strongest.