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VAW News Issue 122

The Solberg Arrives in Issue 122. See pictures from Rammis New Fishing Vessel as our Directors go to Iceland. We have features on P100, National Fish and Chip Awards for 2018, Double A Max Kebab, Lutosa Hash Browns.

As well as Special Offers on our Cheeses, Heinz SqueezMes, Triple Crown Fishcakes, Shmoo Thickshakes, Yorkshire Tea, Hawkins Pressure Cookers, Hollands Pies and Barrs Drinks.


VAW News Issue 121

We launch Promenade Sauces in this Issue as well as New Product launches from Innovations 2017 - The Breaded Green Jalepeno Peppers, Vimto 500ml Bottles, Vincents Curry, Coca Cola Zero, Lite Bite Fish Fillets, The Homestyle Breaded Chicken Strips, Japanese Curry, SFC Breast Fillets, New Pulled Pork Size, Products from Whitby Seafoods, Products from Larrys and the Dragons Meal Kits. There is also a feature on National Fish and Chip Day 2017.

We have special offers on the great range from Innovate Foods, the Kepp It Clean Multi Pack, the Keburger, Turkey Sticks, Falafel, our Spring Drinks Extravaganza, Whitby Scampi and the 70% Classic Sausages.


VAW News Issue 120

Innovations 2017 is the main focus of Issue 120. With details of exatly what to expect!! We have our Annual Fish and Chip Price Survey, details for the National Fish and Chip Awards 2017, Serious About Fish feature, More about the Lite Bite and much, much more!!

We also have Special Offers from Whitby Seafoods, Pukka Pies, Coca Cold and the Keburger.


VAW News Issue 119

Issue 119 brings launches a great range of Chicken Products from Meadowvale Foods, a new flavour from the Marinated CHicken range from Golden Delight, the Garfield Meal Kits, and the Kara Range. We also have details of Innovations 2017!!

Special Offers include the Great Range from Hot N Kickin, the Linpac FC Range amd Golden Delight Marinated Chicken. We also have some competitions from Q Silver and Q Gold and also the 1 Litre Range of Sauces from JUST.


VAW News Issue 118

Issue 118 introduces you to the Lite Bite Concept!!, the rebranding of Whitley's Gravies,  profile pieces on the Premier Fishcakes from Three Oceans, Sausages from McWhinneys, Jacket Potatoes from Famhouse Potatoes, FriWite, Keep It Clean, Tinned Goods and Seafood Week.

As well as Special Offers on the Innovate Foods Range of Products. Brown Paper Carriers, 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites, a Keep It Clean Multi Pack Offer, Middleton Batter Flours and Large Pukka Chicken & Gravy Pies.


VAW News Issue 117

Issue 117 gives you 2 great Prize Draws... one from 42nd Street Classic Sausages and one from Irn Bru. We also have great promotions from Barrs Drinks, Keep It Clean, Lion Sauces, The Keburger, Just Grab Sauce Sachets, Linpac FC Range, Foils and Microwavable Containers, Triple Crown Fish Cakes, Branded Pepsi and Coca-Cola Cups and Tubs and Dollies.

As well as profile pieces on Q Platinum, a Fish Update, New Childrens Meal Kits, Vac Pac Chicken from Golden Delight, Q Vegetable Oil, Customers Corner, All things sweet with Sugar Sachets.


VAW News Issue 116

Issue 116 of VAW News has some great features including National Fish and Chip Day 2016, Our NEW Pulse Gluten Free Batter Flour, Tony's Talk, Q Silver, Batchelors Mushy Peas as well as launches of New Childrens Variety Meal Kits, Extended Hook n Fish Range, Vimto Remix and Robinson Crusoe Meal Kits.

Special Offers on the range from Youngs, Kara 5" Premium Floured Baps, Hollands Pies, Just 1ltr Sauces, 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites, Keep It Clean High Active Detergent, LongLife Aluminium Pans, 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Burgers and Shmoo Kits.


VAW News Issue 115

Issue 115 of VAW News starts with a feature on our NEW Pulse Batter Flour and continues with our infamous Tony's Talk. We have a fantastic DRINKS EXTRAVAGANZA - a double spread with over 50 Drinks lines on promotion. We introduce Double A's Keburger and QXL - our new Dripping.

Both SnowShock and Beechdean present some great summer offers!! We remind you of the great Kebab products we stock as well as having some great promotions across the Havelok and Innovate Foods Ranges.

We also welcome the New Pukka Chicken and Gravy Pie, Falafel from King Asia and the Seafood Basket from Pacific West.

We are also counting down to National Fish and Chip Day 2016 - coming soon on June 3rd.


VAW News Issue 114

Issue 114 of VAW News shows you how to Keep the Profits Rolling In - by using Whitley's Vincent's Gravy, We host a great Pixels Competition,features on Dinaclass Irish Curry, Bio Boxes, National Fish & Chip Day 2016, Our Great Range of MK Boxes, Charity Begins at Home and Hawkins Big Boy.

We also have some great promotions on Heinz SqueezMe Sachets, Our Real Food Design Serviette Dispenser and Friwite.


VAW News Issue 113

Issue 113 of VAW News starts with a feature on Corrugated Boxes and the benefits to your business. With other features including the Annual Pricing Survey for 2015, Tony's Talk, An update on the National Fish and Chip Awards, Fish Update and Waste Oil Updates too.

We also have the winners of the Q Frying Oils and Goldensheaf Prize Draws. Special Offers on Jacket Potatoes, Hollands Pies, Aqua Roma Waters, Goldfish Branded Curries, Innovate Products - Giant Cod Fish Fingers, Mac & Cheese Bites, Breaded Mozzarella Sticks, and Red Pepper/Mozzarella Sticks and all of the Roosters Breading Range. We also Introduce the Mini Freench Baguette from Kara, Hollands Launch their new POS Material and we have a great Pukka Competition.


VAW News Issue 112

Issue 112 of VAW News plays host to two great competitions - One is our Golden Prize Draw with Q Frying Oils and the Second is a fantastic Save & Select Draw from Pukka Pies - YOU DON’T WANT TO MISS OUT!!

We talk about Rice Cones - and how some of the many benefits can work in your shop - as well as a great promotion and plenty of FREE samples of Rice Cones. We have a very informative piece giving you an in depth update on Fish Supplies.

We have loads of promotions throughout September and October with Snap Frames (buy 3 and get the 4th FREE), Choose Real Food Packaging and take home some great prices, The Hot, Hot, Hot Chicken Range from Hot ‘N’ Kickin, Yazoo Milkshakes, Turkey Sticks from Cherokee and Foils and Films.

We also have profiles for our 42nd Street Beefburgers, Cutlery Meal Service Packs, Breaded Plaice from Havelok, Drywites Bio Drain and the Hawkins Big Boy. We also have some great promotional prices from the Young’s Range - including Cheese & Onion FryIts, Mushy Pea Fritter and Fish Fingers.


VAW News Issue 111

Welcome to our bumper 16 page issue… Packed with over 40 new products launched at Innovations.

We bring to you our ever-growing range of packaging - The Hook and Fish Range, the very ‘in-demand’ Pulled Pork from Aurora Foods, more great products from the Innovate Foods Range, Luxury Fishcakes from Havelok, Kara launch their Premium Range, we extend our Seafood Range to include Prawn Kievs and Popcorn Shrimp, a bigger bite with the 42nd Street 70% Classic Sausage, you can P…P…Pick up some Poppin’ Chicken, Create your own Fishcake, a new even cheesier Cheese and Onion Pie from Pukka, Beautifully flavoured waters, we add yellow to the rainbow of colours offered in our Fri-Fork Range, Sine with Dura-Dry Wipes from Harrisons, Street Pies from Wrights, Upgrade your taste buds with Old Jamaica Ginger Beer, The Perfect Seasoning - American Chip Spice, Goldfish Tomato Ketchup, Add a Touch of Class with Vincents Special Gravy Mix, Feelin’ Hot, Hot, Hot with the new additions from the Hot N Kickin’ Range, Great New Burgers from Karro Foods

We also have profiles of our Newsprint Range of Packaging, The New Condiment Countertop Dispenser from Drywite, Frozen At Sea Fillets from Atlantika, How introducing great profit lines like Shmoo and Snowshock can benefit your business.


VAW News Issue 110

Innovations is the key to our latest issue of VAW News as well as some great promotions. Our very own Exhibition, INNOVATIONS 2015, is not long off now and we’ve got everything you need in this packed issue - date, time, prize draws, demonstrations, sampling, meeting points and over 70 superb exhibitors… IT IS NOT TO BE MISSED!!!

Its an End of an Era for Solo Europe and we tell you everything you need to know about how you will be affected from the takeover by DART. Tony’s Talk emphasises the need to take care of Errol and the lengths we’ve already had to go to do so!

We have a great Drinks Extravaganza including some fantastic offers across nearly 40 lines of popular drinks … Don’t miss out!! We also have some great offers on Dip Pots from Harrisons - with some incredible prices, we have the popular Keep It Clean Multi-Pack offer AND 43nd Street 120g Chicken Fillet

We have profiles of our Rammi Cod as well as the Drippings we have to offer and our very own Best Selling Sausage - the 42nd Street Classic Sausage. Stock up on Irish Curry this month too… You could even promote in time for St. Patrick's Day. A great tasting, flavourful curry which will leave your customers wanting more.


VAW News Issue 109

In this issue of VAW News we are reminding customers that Whitley’s are the First when it comes to Frozen-At-Sea Fish - supplied by Rammi, Ocean Trawlers, Atlantika and Ice Fresh. There is a New Look for Q Chicken Nuggets and Steaks, with some exciting new PoS material, as well as a feature on the benefits on Kids Meal Boxes.

We also have profiles for our Whitley Batter Flours, some Perfect Packaging Solutions from Corrugated Boxes, as well as announcing the winners of our Save & Select draws from Goldensheaf and Double A Kebab.

We have promotions from Heinz SqueezMe Tomato Ketchup, Hollands Pies and our 2kg Grated Cheeses… Don’t Miss Out!!

Introducing new products like the Big Eat Potato and Meat Pie and Steak Pudding from Hollands, Triple Crown Fishy Fish Cakes, and a 1 ltr Yoghurt and Mint Sauce. We have some great ideas for how to make the most from Menu Additions, available from V.A.Whitley including some great Combos - to maximise your profits.


VAW News Issue 108

In this issue of VAW News we take a look at our upcoming exhibition 'Innovations 2015' with all it has to offer you and your shop, we profile our Keep It Clean Range, Tony's Talk all about Peas, all you need to know about Food Allergen Labelling as well as updates on Fish Supplies and Waste Oil Pricing and Chip Week.

We also introduce new products - Triple Crown Fish Cakes and our new Kids Meal Boxes. Some fantastic offers including 2 Multibuy offers from our Keep It Clean Range, Qualipies from Wright's, Wikinger Hot Dogs and Kara Hot Dog Rolls, Whitby Scampi, Nilco Cleaning Products and Brown Carriers.

We also have a Save & Select Prize Draw from Goldensheaf Batter Flours.


VAW News Issue 107

In this issue of VAW News we have features on 'Own Label' Greaseproof, Gluten Free, Double A Kebabs, Our Just Sauces Range, Allergen Awareness and the Hawkins Big Boy Pressure Cookers.

We also have some fantastic promotions on Drwite, Double A Kebabs, Oasis Drinks, Linpac FC Range of Packaging and Pic-A-Chic Frozen Cooked Chicken Breast Portions.

Packed from cover to cover - we also reveal the winner of our Q Frying Oils 'Glittering Prize'.


VAW News Issue 106

In this issue of VAW News we have features on the Shmoo Thickshakes, Innovate Foods, Save & Select, Keejays Curries and Drywite Quality Ladles.

We have promotions this issue on Keep It Clean Detergent, Q Frying Oils (Q Platinum, Q Gold, Q Silver and Q Palm) and a great launch price for the new 250ml Vimto

Our main feature and promotion this issue is all about Q Frying Oils - with your chance to win a Glittering Prize - a weekend away to London where you get to see the Crown Jewels. You can choose from Q Platinum, Q Silver, Q Palm and Q Gold - each individually great performers. Simply buy 10 boxes of Q Frying Oils throughout July and August to be entered into the draw.

We also introduce new products again this issue with the new Peas/Curry/Gravy cup with the Hook & Fish Design, Rubicon Mango, a range of Newsprint printed packaging, Battered Onion Rings from Innovate Foods, new Vimto 250ml bottle and the latest children’s meal boxes - the Nut Job.

A packed issue again, not forgetting Tony’s Talk - and LOOK OUT FOR our ‘Date for your Diary’ with Innovations 2015 only around the corner.


VAW News Issue 105

In this issue of VAW News we have features on the 42nd Street Classic Sausages, our Gluten-Free range of products that put Fish and Chips on the menu - for everyone!

A new ‘Handy Cap’ from Drywite, as well as our 2 superb ranges of printed packaging - with fantastic designs, they are both perfect for the promotion of Fish and Chips. We launch new products including Steak Canadians, VacPac Chicken from Theo’s, great new character drinks and new foils and films - all in stock with some amazing offer prices.

We also have promotions this issue on Kara Baps, Jacket Potatoes and Beechdean Ice-Cream. We also give you some great ideas using coated chicken products, wraps, pittas and naans as well as new promotional material from Pukka Pies.

A packed issue again, not forgetting Tony’s Talk - everyone’s favourite read when their copies arrive!!


VAW News Issue 104

In this issue of VAW News we have features on our Waste Oil Collection Service, adding Breaded Fish Products to your menu and ordering your FREE PoS online with VA Whitley - as well as reader's favourite Tony’s Talk. We introduce Wright’s NEW Spicy Chicken Roller, New Branded Flavours from SnowShock Slushes and with summer only round the corner we have Beechdean Ice Cream available in FOUR great flavours - Ready to put into your shop!! With a great offer on Table Top Freezers - You would be mad to miss out!

We also feature Rindless Unsmoked Back Bacon, IQF Cod Fillets, Bick’s Relishes and we extend our 1ltr Sauce Range with a new 1ltr Burger Sauce. We have promotions and offers on Q Gold Palm Oil, Corrugated Chip Boxes, Snap Clip Frames, a Keep It Clean Multi-Buy and a Drywite Combination Offer - None are to be missed!! Not forgetting our HUGE Spring Drinks Spectacular with over 40 lines from our Drinks Range being on Offer!!!


VAW News Issue 103

In this issue of VAW News we have features on Bio Boxes, Q Toreno, Paper Sacks and Carriers and how to get Social Media to work for you. You can read details of 2014’s Chip Week and also how to save time and money by using Potliners by Easybags as well as a profile of the Just Sauces Range. We have a very full customer’s corner page including some great ideas, some incredible fundraising efforts and even an OBE for one of our Chippy owners. We also have some great offers on Q Toreno and Just Sauces and you can see how our 42nd Street Competition winners got in New York, there are New Kids Meal Boxes in stock now at V A Whitley and we have a ‘New Year, New Equipment’ Promotion on Drywite Equipment Essentials


VAW News Issue 102

VAW News Issue 102 - Click to Download

In this issue of VAW News we show you why our own brand gravies are not only great in flavour but also on price. We have features on Traditional Oven Baked Potatoes, the 2014 National Fish and Chip Awards, National Chip Week 2014 (18th - 24th February), a Fish Supply Update and the Save & Select Christmas Promotion. We also have the Fish & Chip Shop Pricing Survey 2013, Tony's Talk, some great menu additions from Innovate Foods and Pacific West. As well as some great offers on Q Platinum, Children's Meal Boxes, Lincolnshire Fish Cakes, Breaded Cod Bites, Heinz Special Offers, Great Offers on Tubs, Tanks and Dollies and Nilco Hand Systems.


VAW News Issue 101

In this issue of VAW News you can read all about the new and exciting 'Just Grab Sauce Sachets, New York, New York - Winners Announced and good practice for your fats & oils. Not forgetting some fantastic special offer prices on Q Silver, Baked Beans and the FC Range of Packaging. We also have new products and guides to help you with you Q Silver Oil, 42nd Street Chicken, Packaging and VAW Batters plus much much more.

VAW News Issue 101 - Click to Download

VAW News Issue 100

VAW News Issue 100 - Click to Download

VAW News Issue 100 includes our new Waste Edible Oil and Fat Collection Service. You can read all about the huge successes of introducing a Hawkins Big Boy into your kitchen, how one Chip Shop owner has really 'boxed clever' and how you can put Fish & Chips on your menu - For Everyone. We also tell you all about everything you'll need to Create the Perfect Pizza, Triple Points Promotion with Double A Kebab, introduce our New Products and of course some great prices on Bold Catering Equipment.