Winners of a case of RAMMI oCean Reserve Cod Fillets (2 x 10kg)...

Rammi’s new freezer trawler, “Solberg” (Sun Mountain) is now supplying exclusively to V.A.Whitley, Friars Pride and Henry Colbeck. In stock now are the superb Frozen At Sea Rammi oCean Premium and Rammi oCean Reserve Cod Fillets.



- MSC and Icelandic Responsible Fisheries Certified

- Consistent high quality production with regular supply

- Frozen within 2 hours of catch

- Tightly Graded Skinless Boneless Fillets

- A firm texture of Cod Fillet

- Succulent yet flaky chunks

- Minimal drip loss

- New, Unique 2 x 10kg packs

- No waste from cutting

- Little or no preparation required


With the arrival of the new Rammi Freezer Trawler, “Solberg” comes a stronger partnership between V.A.Whitley and Rammi and commitments to improved levels of supply. On board “Solberg”, revolutionary production technology has been installed. This technology enables the crew to prepare and cut fillets of Cod to exact grades from larger fish creating Rammi oCean Reserve Fillets. Utilising this new technology, Rammi can now offer increased supply of tightly graded Rammi oCean Reserve Cod Fillets for Fish & Chip Shops in greater quantities than before. Rammi oCean Reserve brand is the new water cut fillet production, and Rammi oCean Premium is the traditional skinless boneless fillet format.


Here’s what some customers are saying about our New Rammi Fillets...


“The new Rammi is beautiful, fresh fish that is a great, consistent size and brilliantly filleted”

Paul High, Hollins Fish Bar, Middleton


“I think it is fantastic. The quality is unbelievable. I use a bigger fish and fillet it myself - this fish is so simple to use, having no Pin Bone takes away the time consuming task of removing it. It’s better, fresher, whiter than any other fish i’ve used.”

Anthony Sykes, Sykes Fish and Chips, Swinton


“I just love this fish! Absolutely amazing quality - it’s perfect!! My customers are giving me the best feedback!!”

Andreas Papastylianou, Codsall Fish Bar, Wolverhampton


“Consistently the best quality fish on the market. Rammi is always our No.1 choice.”

Alex Kyriacou, Smithfields, Telford


“I strive to produce the best Fish & Chips in the North West and as such I use the best Fish to achieve this. We have changed the way we do things here after myself and my team all took up professional training on getting the best from our Fish. This has led us to use larger, Icelandic caught fish from Rammi. The quality and freshness of this new Rammi fish is just amazing.”

Simon Davies, Charlies Proper Fish and Chip Shop, Urmston 

To celebrate the maiden working voyage of Rammi’s newest vessel, The Solberg, The Q Partnership and Rammi had 100 prizes of 12-16oz Rammi oCeanReserve Cod to be won by 100 lucky Fish & Chip Shops! The competition, which started at the beginning of July and closed at midnight on 30th September, drew attention from Fish & Chip Shops up and down the country! To enter, all they had to do was go to the Search Solberg website, and track the coordinates of the vessel at the time of viewing.
Here are V.A.Whitley's winning customers...

- Buckshaw Fish Bar
- Black’s Finest Fish & Chips
- Finesse
- Hodgson’s Chippy
- Andreas Fish and Chip Shop
- Ainsworth’s Fish and Chips
- Tinsley’s Takeaway
- Fiddlers Elbow Fish & Chips
- Wigan Road Chippy
- The Welcome
- Thompsons
- Scholes Fisheries
- Marsh House Fish and Chip Shop
- Olympus Fish and Chip Takeaway
- Clayton Street Chippy

- Holts Riversidee
- The Battered Cod
  - Bernies
- Georgios 2
- The Strawberry Pig
- Heywood Fish Bar
- Village Chippy
- Fozs Fish Bar
- Sykes
- The Coach House
- Fairfield Plaice
- Riverside Fish and Chips
- Didsbury Fish Bar
- Green Lane Chippy
- Milton Chippy
- Montys
- Crompton Road Chippy
- Town Street Fryer
- Smithfields

Rammi, the Icelandic fishing company has been catching and supplying the finest quality Cod and Haddock to The Q Partnership companies (VA Whitley, Henry Colbeck and Friars Pride) for over fifteen years. Rammi took the momentous decision in 2013 to commission a brand-new state of the art fishing vessel to replace their two existing freezer trawlers.


Working closely with a talented team of marine architects from Norway, a ship builder, based in Turkey and using the most modern technical equipment from across Europe, they have designed and built a fantastic freezer trawler named the ‘Solberg’.

The maiden voyage of The Solberg (‘Sun Mountain’) back to Iceland took over two weeks travelling through the Mediterranean Sea, past Gibraltar, up through the Atlantic Ocean finally arriving at its home port of Siglufjordur on the north coast of Iceland.

To celebrate the arrival of the ‘Solberg’ the directors of The Q Partnership companies were invited by Rammi to join them at the naming ceremony of the vessel.


The 1500 miles’ journey to Northern Iceland is certainly an adventure. Flying from the UK to Keflavik, then a bus transfer to Reykjavik airport to get another flight to Akureyri the second largest city in Iceland. The final part of the journey is by road where you can enjoy some of the most stunning scenery before arriving at Siglufordur. This journey makes you appreciate how far our frozen at sea Cod and Haddock travels before being served in a Fish & Chip shop!

This event is hugely significant to the small population of the towns of Siglufjordur and Olafsfjordur who turned out in their hundreds to witness the naming of the vessel and to take the opportunity to go onboard and see first-hand what an incredible ship has been built. Speeches from Rammi’s Managing Director, Olafur Marteinsson and the Iceland Minister of Fisheries, Thorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, reinforced the occasion.

The ‘Solberg’ has been built to the highest standards using first class materials and craftmanship. The vessel dimensions are 80m long by 15.4m wide, with a height of 30.3 metres. The displacement of the vessel is 3719 tonnes.


The ship is built on five levels starting with the bridge which has been is fitted out with the highest standards of technical equipment. The next two levels are the living quarters for the 34 crew members who will be at sea for 30 days per trip. The vessel is equipped to the highest standards for the hard-working crews with facilities including a dining room, TV room, and gym.

You then move down to factory deck which is the processing plant which has been fitted out the with the most advanced filleting, cutting, freezing and packing equipment designed to supply fillets to the highest possible standards. And finally, the cold-store which has a capacity for 900 tonnes of packed product and the engine rooms which powers the vessel with a ‘6,300 horsepower Wartsila eight-cylinder diesel engine’ and is managed by just three engineers. It also has its own electrical generator and a system to produce fresh water.

The ‘Solberg’ is a truly impressive vessel which will start to supply The Q Partnership companies with Rammi oCean Reserve and oCean Premium Fillets this summer.

These finest quality Cod and Haddock Skinless and Boneless fillets will be packed in 2 x 10kg packaging and will lead the way for quality for the foreseeable future.