NEW - Whitley's Launch Pulse Gluten Free Batter Flour...

It’s New... It’s Different... It’s Healthy... It’s GLUTEN FREE!!

Our NEW ‘Whitley’s Pulse Batter Flour is made NOT from a conventional Wheat Flour but from 100% Natural Pulse Flour.

Courtesy of ‘Mother Nature’ our Pulse Batter contains more protein, more energy, more fibre and more trace minerals with less carbohydrates, less sodium, less starch and less sugar than Wheat Based Batters. More importantly, when analysed by Foodtest Laboratories Ltd they found that the oil absorbed during frying was reduced by upto 46%! - producing a far less greasy product.

Extended trials with four of our customers have also shown that Pulse has a better yield factor requiring up to 33% less flour to produce the same quantity of batter!

Offering You and Your Customers a host of benefits…

- Contains MORE Protein

- Contains MORE Fibre

- Contains MORE Trace Minerals

- Contains MORE Energy

- Contains LESS Starch

- Contains LESS Sugar

- Contains LESS Carbohydrates

- Contains LESS Sodium

Nigel Hodgson of Hodgson’s Chippy, Lancaster found that our Pulse “Mixed well, used a lot less flour and was very smooth. The batter was crisp and stood well in the hot cabinet. The taste was excellent with no ‘pallet cling’. It really complemented the taste of the fish and the reduction in oil pick up was remarkable!!”

Carl Heery of Fairfield Place, Buxton says “Pulse is truly fantastic! It makes my oil last longer, it goes a lot further than normal batters and gives a superb, tasty coating that has definitely increased my fish sales! One review on Trip Advisor since using Pulse wrote ‘Simply the best! The Cod is cooked to perfection in tasty, thin Batter’!”

John Greenslade of The Kerry Lamb, observed “there is a lot less oil pick up and the frying media stays cleaner for longer. The batter coats very evenly unlike more ‘bubbly’ traditional batters. It has a very pleasant taste and the customer response has genuinely been exccellent with several people who had never previously eaten battered cod returning for more. An American visitor last week said that the ‘Pulse’ battered Onion Rings were the best he had ever had!! And it also makes excellent Onion Bhajis - and surprisingly, splendid short-crust pastry!!

Whilst the base raw material for Pulse costs more than the cost of Premium Wheat Flour, the gap is narrowed considerably because of its much reduced oil pick-up and its greatly improved yield factor - making your frying media and the Pulse Flour go a lot further.

Customers are finding that they can fry 20%-25% more fish in the same amount of oil and from the same amount of batter flour.

Fat Analysis Batter Coated Fish Product Fat Content (g/100g)

FP1 - Fish fried in Wheat Flour Batter by a past National Fish & Chip Awards Champion = 21.4% Fat Content

FP3/FP4 - Fish fried in production ‘Pulse’ by an Award Winning Fish and Chip Shop showing a fat content of 13.3% and 11.6% respectively.

Analysis above independently processed by Foodtest Laboratories Ltd, West Yorkshire.

The analysis from the data above proves there can be up to a 46% reduction in oil pick up when comparing a standard wheat based batter (FP1) to NEW Whitley’s Pulse Batter Flour (FP4)… Remarkable!!

1.5kg Samples of Whitley’s Pulse Batter Flour are now available - seeing and tasting is truly believing!! It will make your already healthy product even healthier - as the perfect balanced meal!