VAW Waste Edible Oil Service ...

VA Whitley now offers a fully registered and professional waste oil/fat collection service for our customers.

How will it work? ...

- We will provide you with a 60ltr or 120ltr leak proof lidded container free of charge.

- When your container is full just contact VA Whitley Waste Oil Collection Services on 07436 092345 or 01253 884568.

- We will arrange for collection at the earliest opportunity and replace the container with an empty one using our dedicated waste oil collection vehicle.

- We will provide you with a legally required 'Controlled Waste Transfer Note' which you should retain for 2 years.

- Additionally, we will pay for the volume of waste oil/fat we collect from you by crediting your VA Whitley Account. The credits will be set against the costs of your future purchases of oils and fats from VA Whitley! (The value of the collected material may vary upon the market value.)