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There'll Be No Frights This Bite Night With 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites


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There’ll Be No Frights This Bite Night With 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites

It’s that time of year again when everything starts getting spooky, but with 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites your customers won’t be getting a fright this Halloween! It’s time to enjoy a thriller of a Halloween with 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites ‘Bite Night’.

Bite Night Not Fright Night

The Bite Night campaign is returning to help you sell more Chicken Fillet Bites in your shop. The campaign includes eye-catching point of sale which is available free to you to help increase your sales this Halloween and run a Bite Night theme in your shop. All you need to do is complete the form at the bottom of this page!

42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites are perfect to help your customers enjoy the perfect bite this Halloween. The chicken fillet bites are made from quality whole pure muscle chicken breast, so you know you are serving high-quality chicken fillet bites and not chicken frights! The 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites are covered in a unique coating which has a delicious taste and creates a lovely crispy texture. There are many qualities that the Chicken Fillet Bites have, including:

-       Holding well in the top box

-       An average bag contains 60 chicken fillet bites - which could be 10 portions of 6 or 15 kid meals of 4 chicken bites

-       Earn Save & Select points when purchasing this product

-       Welfare audited grain fed poultry

-       A range of POS is available

Get Your Customers Biting

Get your customers biting into the 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites with our Bite Night point of sale! We have a themed poster and till wobblers that are available free of charge. The poster and wobbler can help increase your sales of 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites this October and helps give your shop a spooky and Halloween feel.

Get Social

Throughout Halloween we want to see your scariest pictures with your Bite Night point of sale, send your pictures into or post them on social media and tag us in the post. We will post a range of the photos we receive throughout October on social media, so make sure you send us your spooky photos - we are dying to see them!

Here To Help

Here at V.A.Whitley we are ready to help, no matter if you are looking for more information on our 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites or if you would like to order your free point of sale, feel free to contact your Telesales Agent or Area Sales Manager.

We are looking forward to Bite Night and your scary pictures, don’t forget to send your pictures to

There'll Be No Frights This Bite Night With 42nd Street Chicken Fillet Bites