Good Frying Guide ...

Look after your frying fat ...

It is essential for ...

- Consistent high food quality

- Maximising your profits

- Maintaining an environment pleasant for both staff and customers alike

Frying media deteriorates because of ...

- A mixture of Heat and Water

- Build up of Food Particles (Carbonisation)

- Excessive exposure to AIR (oxidation)

Control by ...

- Ensure frying temperatures are correct

- Removing excessive water from products to be fried

- Constant and regular removal of food particles by sieve and filtering machine

- Do not use a thick batter for this will increase oil absorption and produce greasy products

- Use a frying depth of 3.5”-4” to enable regular top ups with fresh oil

- Do not overload the pan to cause major temperature drop (Ratio 1-6 food to oil)

- Do not leave traces of cleaning chemicals in your pans or on your utensils

- Cover pans when not in use to reduce oxidation

- Clean pans and extraction vents and flues regularly to avoid build-up of burnt carbon/fat deposits and thus reduce fire hazards.