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  1. Fry Magazine Awards 2021

    Fry Magazine Awards 2021

    V.A.Whitley are proud sponsors of the Fry Magazine Awards which were launched online at and through the pages of Fry Magazine in 2012. The UK’s 50 Best Fish & Chip Shops, 10 Best Restaurants and the 10 Best Mobile Units categories are tasked with simply finding the UK’s very finest fish and chip shops as judged by mystery diners.

    Recently, Fry Magazine recently announced the winners of the 50 Best Takeaways and 10 Best Mobile Units Awards 2021.

  2. Goldfish Brand Professional Curries

    Goldfish Brand Professional Curries

    For over 35 years, Keejays have been producing Goldfish Brand Curry Sauce concentrates for the foodservice market. Back in 1961, founder, Mr Kee Wah Lee, developed his Chinese curry sauce for his restaurant in Clacton-on- Sea. A hit with family and friends, Mr Lee enjoyed sharing his recipe and it quickly became the base for most Chinese curry dishes across the UK served in Chinese restaurants and take-aways. Based on this success, in 1985 Keejays began producing our convenient, versatile, ready to use curry paste on a grander scale for cooks and chefs to use in their own busy professional kitchens.

  3. Tony's Talk - In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew

    Tony's Talk - In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew

    In the immortal words of Victor Meldrew - “I don’t believe it...!” However, sadly it is a fact that our Trade is being hit by a tsunami of price rises. We are besieged with shortages, supply delays and price increases on key ingredients and packaging. The difficulties of obtaining shipping containers has been widely publicised but the cost increases less so. A 40ft. container from the Far East cost $2,000 in March 2020 to ship into the UK but now costs up to $14,0000! Sailing times have also been extended by up to 4 weeks causing further delays.

  4. Introducing - NEW Steak Pudding from Greenhalgh's

    Introducing - NEW Steak Pudding from Greenhalgh's

    With our core Greenhalgh range of Pies growing from strength to strength we have now introduced a Steak Pudding too - made with large pieces of tender steak in a rich gravy, encased in a delicious, steamed pastry. Your customers will love this!

  5. TONY'S TALK - Return of the Enamel Bowl...?

    TONY'S TALK - Return of the Enamel Bowl...?

    When I ‘were a bit of a Lad’ in the 1950’s post-war shortages were commonplace. These particularly affected the packaging of all goods.

    Greaseproof papers and ‘white news’ were especially in short supply and it was the norm for Customers to bring in enamel bowls in which to carry away their meal of Fish, Chips ‘n Mushy Peas. Newspapers and magazines were ‘recycled’ for outer wraps, coarse brown papers and even the blue paper that was used for bags of sugar were brought into service. 5” x 3” pure greaseproof paper bags were much sought after to contain a portion of mushy peas!

  6. Looking for alternatives to Plastic Cutlery? - Wood you think about these?

    Looking for alternatives to Plastic Cutlery? - Wood you think about these?

    In addition to the expected bans of EPS foam packaging, we understand the Government plans to fall in line with EU Environmental Legislation and ban all forms of plastic cutlery. With this in mind we have additions to our Birchwood Range of cutlery as well as great Special Offer Prices throughout March and April 2021. 

  7. The 42nd Street Frozen Foods Range

    The 42nd Street Frozen Foods Range

    42nd Street frozen foods have been developed to provide you with an excellent range of high-quality pork sausages, chicken fillet bites, breast fillets and beefburgers. By choosing the finest ingredients, the 42nd Street range guarantees the quality and consistency you demand to ensure your customers come back for more.

  8. RAMMI - Freshly frozen from the sea to you

    RAMMI - Freshly frozen from the sea to you

    Quality Icelandic Fish. Produced with Care. Handled with Experience.

    - Finest quality, pure and fresh cod fillets

    - Frozen at sea to lock in flavour and goodness

    - Produced with care and experience

    - Using state-of-the-art trawler and technology

    - Boneless portion sizes - up to 10% yield gained

  9. Fried Responsibly & Reliably by You

    Fried Responsibly & Reliably by You

    Dri-Fri Blue and Dri-Fri Gold have been the preferred choice of Fish Friers across the North West and Wales for well over 60 years.

    Made from 100% selected top-quality sustainable palm oil refined to a very high specification and containing no added chemicals. This gives you a stable and durable frying medium that allows the full flavour of the food to come through. For an exceptional frying fat and excellent value for money look no further.



    We’ve done it again!!

    Following our resounding success in 2018 when Vincent’s Gravy Mix and Whitley’s Pulse Gluten Free gained their deserved recognition at the CCM (Cash & Carry Management) Awards, we have some more great news to share.

    We are proud to announce that at the recently judged 2020 CCM Awards V.A.Whitley’s own ‘Vincent’s Special Curry Sauce Mix’ was awarded the winner for the category of ‘Cooking Sauces’ with judges commenting “Nice sheen, balanced flavour and long-lasting taste. A lovely sauce with rounded full flavour, nice amount of spice, good texture and colour”.