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  1. Whitley News Issue 127

    Whitley News Issue 127

    Whitley News Issue 127 Highlights all things National Fish & Chip Day 2018!! Find out how to get involved. We have features on Drywite - including the benefits of All Seasons, Potato Preparation and the Fresh Produce Wash. Tony's Talk discusses a Packaging Quandary! New Products Launched this issue include - Sam's Natural Kitchen - Mushy Peas, Wright's New Slices, Linpac Black TT10s, Beef Cutlets, Southern Fried Chicken Breast Fillets, Angelito Ice Cream, Brown Corrugated Fish & Chip Boxes, SO Clear Spring Water, and the Veggie Masala Pie from Pukka.

  2. National Fish & Chip Day 2018 - It's almost here!

    National Fish & Chip Day 2018 - It's almost here!

    Fly the Flag! - Bang the Drum! - Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk! NATIONAL FISH & CHIP DAY 2018 is almost here …are you ready? Celebrate Fish and Chips on this special day! ...1st June 2018. Get your free Marketing Pack including an A2 National Fish and Chip Day Double Sided Poster and Marketing Toolkit - giving you tips and ideas for marketing on the day.

  3. Drywite - Helping you Prepare

    Drywite - Helping you Prepare

    Drywite, our long standing supplier and great supporter of the Fish and Chip Trade, not only specialises in equipment for the Fish and Chip Trade, but has also pioneered Preparation Products for you to get the best, and more from your potato and fresh produce. We stock many products from Drywite - with the constant changes in the condition of potatoes, increased awareness of Acrylamides, and of course ever-growing risks of bacteria on fresh produce - Can you really afford to be without these great products?

  4. Tony's Talk - Packaging Quandary!

    Tony's Talk - Packaging Quandary!

    Packaging Quandary! (compounded further by projections for a global paper shortage!) As if we didn’t have enough to worry about what with ‘Brexit’, rising prices, overhead increases, and acrylamide lurking just around the corner, Mr. Attenborough comes along and has elevated the issue plastic packaging usage and recycling to a new level. The damage inflicted on our environment by the ever-increasing amounts of waste plastic (12 million tonnes of which enters our Oceans every year!) should be of concern to all of us. Yet plastic itself is not to blame. In its multitude of forms plastic has extended the shelf life and preservation of food, made the carrying of food and drink far more convenient, protected goods in transit and provided highly efficient levels of insulation etc.

  5. Welcome to Mushy Pea Heaven

    Welcome to Mushy Pea Heaven

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could source 100% natural ready-made mushy peas, but they tasted just like they were made fresh this morning? Sam’s Natural Mushy Peas are made with 100% natural ingredients - organic, early harvest marrowfat peas, natural Cornish sea salt and filtered water. They do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, instead natural spirulina extract is used to give a healthy, natural green colour before the peas are frozen, locking in the freshness to guarantee a taste as if they had just been made that morning taste.

  6. Congratulations to Rob Drake

    Congratulations to Rob Drake

    Congratulations to Rob Drake, our Blackpool Depot Manager who has worked tirelessly over the past months in preparation for successfully running the London Marathon. He and Nigel Hodgson of Hodgson’s, Lancaster completed the gruelling run in scorching temperatures on Sunday 22nd April in incredible times. Both were supporting the ‘Children with Cancer’ Charity raising much needed funds for the charity to carry out its great work. Rob said “It was such an emotional day completing the Marathon! We’ve trained hard for this and I would like to thank everybody – friends, family, colleagues, customers for all of their support and well wishes!”

  7. Introducing Our Brown Corrugated Fish and Chip Boxes

    Introducing Our Brown Corrugated Fish and Chip Boxes

    INTRODUCING - They’re Recyclable! - They’re Biodegradable! - They’re Compostable! DO YOUR BIT… Whilst giving your Fish & Chips the presentation it deserves!!

    Specifically designed for takeaway or home delivery of Fish & Chips, our range of corrugated packaging is a firm and growing favourite within our trade.

    Now we’ve gone a step further with our Real Food Design Brown Corrugated Boxes. It’s easy to see why with a long list of benefits for you, your shop and more importantly the product you serve. This type of packaging enhances the presentation and transportation of Fish and Chips.

  8. Special Offer on Promenade Sauces

    Special Offer on Promenade Sauces

    - Great range of excellent quality, fantastic tasting, flavourful sauces - Exclusive, New Sauce Sachets available at V.A.Whitley - Each pack of 100 Sauce Sachets comes in a great, easy to use, attractive dispenser that would look smart on any Fish and Chip Counter - Larger than average 28g sauce portion sachets

  9. Perfect Prices for Perfect Jacket Potatoes

    Perfect Prices for Perfect Jacket Potatoes

    Cooked in the Microwave for only 5 minutes, these traditional Jacket Potatoes have a lovely baked potato skin and a deliciously creamy soft middle as well as being gluten free, suitable for vegetarians and come with no added salt... they will make a fantastic addition to your menu!

    Don’t Forget... We stock everything you will need to fill your Jackets too - Butter Portions, Beans, Tuna, Grated Cheese, Chilli, Pulled Pork... The list is endless.

  10. Pukka Launch NEW Veggie Masala Pies

    Pukka Launch NEW Veggie Masala Pies

    Pukka’s new Veggie Tikka Masala Pie - Chickpeas, spinach and mixed peppers cooked in an aromatic medium spiced tikka masala sauce encased in a light, puff pastry case. - Embrace a meat free diet without having to miss out on deliciously tasty pie - Vegetarian Society Approved - Large Frozen Baked Vegetable Tikka Masala Pies - Free POS available