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We believe marketing any business is essential to its success. Not only does effective marketing build brand awareness but it can also increase sales, grow business and engage your customers in the positive messages you want to promote. There are so many business functions that stem from a good marketing plan - whether it is a full marketing campaign made up of new innovative ideas or simply some of the tried and tested, traditional methods that can be inexpensive but very effective - Marketing you business is a must in this day and age.


- Sponsorship - Sports Teams / Local Events - This is an effective way of getting your name out to people locally (or even further a field) and by also showing your community spirit and willingness to get involved. This can generate interest from local press or local community groups.

- Local Radio / Newspaper Advertising - Short, snappy advertising on local radio stations can be very effective - there are National Days of interest surrounding Fish and Chips in particular - capitalise on them by delivering a portion of your finest to a local radio station or newspaper. They will no doubt give you a mention!

- Special Offer Deals - Perhaps one of the most tried and tested methods of getting customers in to your shop - Special Offers / Deals dont have to cost you the earth - they might be just about getting customers through the doors, maybe reach out to families by offering a 'Family Special' - There is still very good profit to have when you put promotions on.

- Own Label Packaging - This is all about taking pride in your brand by promoting it with smart enhanced presentation. Typically your food boxes, carrier bags and serviettes can carry your business brand in a smart presentation suite - match it with your shop design and give your Fish and Chips the finish it deserves!

- Printed Uniforms - Again, all about brand profiling - and getting your name out there. Uniforms are what sets you and your staff apart from everyone else - and what gives that very professional feel to your operation.

- Loyalty Cards / Scheme - These do not have to cost you and your business the world - a simple loyalty card to reward visits or spend in your business by giving something on the customers next visit - perhaps a free portion of chips. It all counts!

- Digital Menu/Advertising Boards - This can be a very current and effective way of getting you menu and marketing ideas out to your customers and passing trade. It is a good way of bringing to life your tradtional ideas like a menu or even your specials. You can use them to tell your story.


Maximise the sales of products you sell by using high quality and effective Point of Sale Material.

We have a great selection of Point of Sale Material available to our customers. Simply visit our POINT OF SALE area and add the required posters to your enquiry / order. We aim to get your requested posters out to you on your next scheduled delivery.


Getting your business onto social media doesn’t need to be daunting - it may be a lot more straight forward than you think and could make a positive impact on your sales and engagement with existing and new customers.

We’ve compiled a list of basic ways to get started, tailored to Fish and Chip and Fast Food (and other business types):

- Set up your social media accounts for your business; Facebook. Twitter, Instagram and Google + are good places to start.

- Include your logo and some info about your business, along with a ‘call to action’ (a telephone number)

- On Facebook, make sure to enter your opening hours and any other relevant info on your profile

- Also, make sure you are listed correctly when you are searched for on Google - check the images, the opening hours and the information listed

How do you gain followers on your social media accounts?

- At the very start invite friends, family, colleagues and customers and encourage your followers to invite other friends

- Put up a poster in your shop, add your social media name (e.g. Like us on Facebook: @VAWhitley1899) to your menu, add a sign to your till

How do you engage existing customers and encourage new business?

A few ideas of what to post on your social media accounts:

- Images of your food

- Photos of your team

- Tag local businesses and individuals in your photos

- Charity events

- Promotions or specials of the day

- Announcements

- New additions to your menu

- Fish and Chips ‘Fryday’

If you have a member of your team that you trust and who is actively interested in social media and has a few great ideas on what could work, encourage them to get involved, perhaps making them an ‘editor’ on your social media page to contribute.

It’s not all about how many followers you have - try to create engaging posts (images work a lot better than just text on its own!). This way your customers can interact with your posts, meaning their social media friends also see your posts.

Use the ‘insights’ areas of your social media pages - this will tell you which of your posts worked best, when your followers are online (i.e. the best time to post) and much more

Once you’re feeling confident with how your social media pages look and how your posts are going, I would advise trialling Facebook Advertising - try clicking ‘Boost Post’ on a post that you would like people to see (perhaps a special offer) and select who you want to see it (e.g. 1,000 in your local town, male and female, aged between 18 - 50), and select your budget (start with £4 or so, to get your head around advertising this way).

The great thing with Facebook Advertising is that you will see the results as the campaign is happening and you will know what to tweak for next time.

To Market Your Business