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Frozen at Sea Cod or Haddock Fillets are Ocean Wild and never farmed, offer guaranteed freshness because the fish is caught processed packed and deep frozen within five hours.

The superb quality of Frozen at Sea fillets derives from the clear cold waters of Iceland and the Barents Sea where stocks are sustainably managed to ensure future supplies. By comparison, wet fish supplies can have aged significantly between catching and delivery to the fish frier thus not ensuring freshness. Double frozen fillets can carry excess water and lose the firmness of the fillet in the processing.


Frozen at Sea Cod and Haddock Fillets are presented in the following formats:

- Skinless Boneless

- Skinless Pinbone-in

- Skin-on Pinbone-in

Layer packed in shatter pack blocks and bound into cases. No added glaze or water. You just buy the fish!

Cases of frozen at sea fillets are available in easy to handle 2 x 9kg, 2 x 10kg, 3 x 6.35kg and 3 x 6.81kg formats depending where they were produced.

Traditional grading of frozen at Sea Pinbone in fillets for fish frying is...

- 5 - 8oz,

- 8 - 16oz,

- 16 - 32oz and

- over 32oz.

We have developed tighter grading for skinless boneless products of ...

- 4 - 6oz,

- 6 - 8oz,

- 7 - 9oz,

- 8 - 10oz,

- 10 - 12oz and

- 12 - 16oz.

These grading’s are designed to offer a ready to use product of the finest quality to the fish frier. Depending on your business requirements skinless boneless fillets are ready to use subject to defrosting whilst the other pin bone in formats may require de-boning and cutting to size.

Frozen at Sea Fillets therefore offer little or no wastage, no smell or ageing issues and in blind taste tests regularly outperform wet or double frozen fish.


Two of V.A.Whitley's most important suppliers of frozen at sea cod and haddock fillets have recently achieved Certification as responsible catchers fishing sustainably.

In Iceland, Rammi has received certification according to the Iceland Responsible Fisheries Management Certification Programme for their frozen at sea cod products. Iceland's management systems, fishing methods and practices have been independently scrutinized and meet the highest standards to achieve this accreditation.

Measures taken to achieve this include ...

- prohibiting by law the discarding of commercial species,

- extensive area closures to fishing for the protection of juvenile fish and

- strictly regulated use of fishing gear with minimum mesh size to allow small fish to escape.

This is in addition to the scientifically assessed and strictly controlled individually transferable quota system. In the Barents Sea, Ocean Trawlers has received Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for its Wild Fresh Frozen at Sea cod and haddock fisheries.

Around 60% of Atlantic cod and haddock came out of the Barents Sea fisheries in 2010. Ocean Trawlers have worked hard to improve sustainable fishing standards in the Barents Sea over recent years with vigorous action resulting in strong port control, traceability and authorities clamping down on illegal unreported fishing.

We hope that the responsible actions of our suppliers will ensure future supplies to our customers of top quality frozen at sea cod and haddock fillets.

How To Cut Fish...

We have produced a number of simple video with the aim of demonstrating how to, and the ease of cutting portioned size fish fillets from larger sizes.

Cutting 5/8 Haddock...

How to Jockey...

Cutting 32oz + Cod...

Frozen at Sea Fillets