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Tag: Peas

  1. TONY'S TALK - Harvest 2020 hopefully potatoes will save the day?

    TONY'S TALK - Harvest 2020 hopefully potatoes will save the day?

    “Arable farmers have suffered the worst harvest in 25 years!”. The extremes of climate that Europe and other areas of the world have experienced over the last twelve months has played havoc with agricultural production.

    Due to reduced planting the UK Wheat harvest is down 38% from that of 2019 and there are wide variations in quality with poor yields per acre. Imported wheat, especially from Germany will be required to give us enough flour to see us through and to level up quality. Price increases are inevitable and will be seen first in bakeries.

  2. Tony's Talk - Problematic Prospects for Peas

    Tony's Talk - Problematic Prospects for Peas

    Whilst the glorious unremitting sunshine enjoyed during April and May helped us to endure the strictures of ‘lockdown’, it has impacted prospects for good crop harvests.

    The seemingly constant rainfall experienced during January, February and into March put paid to many Winter crops and delayed Spring plantings. In spite of the fact that February’s precipitation was the highest ever recorded, farmers had to wait until soil temperatures had warmed sufficiently to allow successful seed sowing. This delay caused the surface of the soil to dry out and seeds require moisture to germinate.

  3. Tony's Talk - There isn’t a pea grown that can’t be cooked!

    Tony's Talk - There isn’t a pea grown that can’t be cooked!

    Although the Nation enjoyed a fantastic summer, we all know that we are suffering the after effects. Lack of moisture and high temperatures have played havoc with the potato, wheat and pea crops. As previously mentioned, despite starting four weeks late our pea crop soon looked in great shape - well established with an abundance of flowers. Then at the critical time came the heat! Just as the flowers were to transform into pods temperatures hit 25ºC when flowers just fall off. Thereafter it really was a case of “spot the pea pod”!

  4. PEAS 2018... and it all started so well!

    Peas 2018... and it all started so well!

    With ideal planting conditions in April/May 2017 we were looking forward to a good crop of Marrowfats and decent yields in spite of a substantial reduction in acreage over 2016. Temperatures rose substantially in early July and we all thought that we would have an early harvest. Unfortunately, the weather pattern changed and we endured a very long period of one day of sunshine followed by two days of rain!...

  5. Whitley News Issue 125

    Whitley New Issue 125

    Whitley News Issue 125 Introduces our New Brand. Showing the Rebrand from Atlantika to Glacialis, Tonys Talk all about Peas, Details of our 2018 Calendar, Christmas Save & Select Redemptions, The Sugar Tax, National Fish and Chip Day 2018, Waste Oil now offering Save & Select Points, Roosters Breadings, Hollands Big Eat Pies, Goldensheaf Smart Batter Flour, High Oleic Sunflower Oil...


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