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  1. FriWite - Proud of Palm

    FriWite - Proud of Palm

    Proud of Palm - Get the Facts with FriWite

    On Sunday 13th October 2019, The Q Partnership (V.A.Whitley, Henry Colbeck & Friars Pride) held a sustainable oil seminar programme at Chester Zoo. Sponsored by FriWite. The event which focused on the benefits of sustainable palm oil and which was led by sustainability and conservation experts, took place in Chester Zoo’s lecture hall and featured an audience made up of fish friers, manufacturers, and suppliers to the fish & chip and fast food markets. The purpose of the day was to;

    • Learn about the work of The Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

    • Hear from EFECA - The Experts in Sustainable Forest & Agricultural Advice

  2. FriWite - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil: Your Chance To Get The Facts

    FriWite - Certified Sustainable Palm Oil: Your Chance To Get The Facts

    Over the last few years, you may have seen the negative coverage of Palm Oil, and it has been escalating. The Q Partnership (Friars Pride, Henry Colbeck and V A Whitley) are delighted to work together to bring the fish and chip industry a balanced view on palm oil. We are delighted to be bringing you a free one-day seminar – FriWite – Certified Sustainable Palm Oil:  Your chance to get the facts.  

    This seminar could be perfect if you use palm oil, or even if you used to or are considering moving to palm. Find out more about this seminar below…

  3. Frymax Fries Winners Food ‘TO THE MAX’

    Frymax Fries Winners Food ‘TO THE MAX’

    Throughout November Frymax held a spectacular competition with V.A.Whitley culminating in an exciting Prize Draw in December. Entry was gained every time customers bought more than 10 boxes of the RSPO Certified Palm Oil. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL OF THE WINNERS.

  4. The facts about Palm Oil - and why stopping using it is not the answer!

    The facts about Palm Oil - and why stopping using it is not the answer!

    In recent times a lot has written about how bad Palm Oil is, but the truth is that a significant amount of work has been going on by Trade Organisations and Governments to assist farmers, growers, producers and processors to achieve a product which comes from a certified sustainable source. Most recently, Chester Zoo have come out in favour of the continued use of Palm Oil which is sustainable and not to switch to alternative vegetable oils as this would send the problem elsewhere and could have more serious environmental impacts due to more land being required.

  5. Fry Up and Cash In

    Fry Up and Cash In

    VA Whitley has teamed up with Frymax, the Country’s leading cooking oil, to reward lucky users with prizes worth thousands of pounds. Throughout November, every purchase of 10 cases of Frymax from VA Whitley will gain a single automatic entry into a Prize Draw. The more you buy the more entries you can gain, but you must buy in quantities of 10. So, if you buy 20 cases you will gain two entries. The Winners will be drawn at random in December with spectacular prizes!

  6. RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

    RSPO - Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

    The Q Partnership, made up of V.A.Whitley, Friars Pride and Henry Colbeck are leading the way to support the UK government achieve 100% Sustainable Palm oil by 2020. On Wednesday 13th June a Westminster event was held to bring together the food industry to review UK progress towards fully sustainable palm oil, to learn the results of Chester Zoo conservation work in Borneo and lastly to find out more about Chester Zoo’s latest project; to turn Chester City into the first 100% certified sustainable palm oil city in food retail.


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